Meet Our Team

Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers share a passion for education and enthusiasm for delivering education one-to-one in a focused environment. UTVA staff members are adept at managing this unique process, guiding and supporting your student, and focusing on their individual needs; they’re here to work with you to help your child master their education objectives.

Our teachers are among the best in the state for distance learning. They consider themselves your partners in your children’s education and are available to help you and your children through any challenges you may face. They are available each day to answer questions, address issues, and provide support. If they can’t respond immediately, they usually respond with a call or email within 24 hours.

You can be sure that support from your teacher is there, whenever you need it. In fact, you can expect to interact with your teacher on a regular basis during:

  • Monthly progress meetings
  • Parent/teacher workshops
  • Teacher-guided outings